About Ukulele Wednesdays

What is Ukulele Wednesdays?

It’s a free weekly ukulele jam, which happens in two locations in London and welcomes all levels, from beginners to advanced. It doesn’t matter if you only know a C chord, everyone can join in! A fun strumalong to liven up your humpday! Bring your ukulele and a songbook. Download the pdf to your tablet/laptop/phone or print it out.

Get an email if we change venue, or update the songbook: Join the email list.

New songbook email only: Join the other mailing list.

How do I join in?
Turn up with your ukulele and songbook, and be ready to say hello and play with the friendly and wonderful people at either of the two venues (or both!).  If you want a bit more online activity, head over to twitter and facebook (see below for details). See you for a strum?

At what time does it start/end?
We usually start strumming at around 7.30pm-8pm but people arrive from 7pm for a drink and a chat. The last strum is usually around 10-30-11pm.

Where is it?
We’ve moved about a bit recently with the pandemic and are now playing at the Battersea Barge every second week (see Facebook, twitter or Instagram for dates). We are also now returning to our home at The Royal George (V. exciting!) – likely to be on alternate weeks but we’re still sorting out the fine print. First date 19th October is confirmed though! (again watch our social media accounts for the most up to date information). Join in at the one most local to you or even come to both!

The Battersea Barge
Has a projector screen so you can see the chords projected. People take the mic to lead. Best to bring a device with the songbook on, just in case you can’t see the screen. Usually, a bassist and a cajon player will be playing with the ukuleles to keep time.
Address: The Battersea Barge, Nine Elms Lane, Nine ELms,, London, SW11 8PZ. (www.batterseabarge.com)

Nearest Tubes: Battersea Power Station, Nine Elms, Vauxhall

The Royal George
This was the first Wednesdays. The pub closed down post pandemic and is now re-opening. We hope to back there in the next few weeks. Shout the song you want everyone to join you with, so everyone can find it in the book. When they have, count in so that they can join you. 
In the Basement of
The Royal George, 133 Charing Cross Rd, London WC2H 0EA Phone: 020 7734 8837
Nearest Tube: Tottenham Court Road.

On facebook?
Chat to others from the above locations in these groups:

FB group: Ukulele Wednesdays

FB group: Ukulele Wednesdays at the George.

On twitter? Follow & share uke info for us to RT 🙂

On instagram? Follow and tag us for us to repost 🙂

Want to know more about how Ukulele Wednesdays began? See the history lesson, here.

46 thoughts on “About Ukulele Wednesdays

  1. Hi, I’m interested in coming to ukulele Wednesday tomorrow. I’ve been learning Uke for a few months, but I just wanted to find out how good you need to be to take part.

    Can you also let me know what time it starts.

    Many thanks

    Susie Bond

  2. We will be traveling from Alaska to visit the UK for the holidays and will be in London on Wednesday, January 8th. Both my son and I play (he’s 12 and better than me, of course). Are kids allowed in the pubs for the ukulele jams if their folks are with them?


  3. The Toy Library in Walthamstow is having a May Fair, would the Castle E17 group like to come along and perform?



  4. A friend recommended your event to my daughter who plays uke while we were visiting from the US. It was June 25th and the Royal George was full (explained to me that the other venue was undergoing construction). The sound of so many ukeleles playing together was astounding! I am inspired to branch out from guitar to the uke so that the next time I visit London I will be better prepared. Love your song book too.

  5. Do you guys run the night at the Albany near Great Portland Street? Are there ever extra uke’s for people that don’t own them themselves?

  6. Jill and I from New Zealand were brought along to the jam last Wednesday ( August 27th) Magic night, had a real blast.Thanks so much for having us in your space everybody,

    xxx Don

  7. Aloha to everyone on ukulele Wednesday’s. We got to enjoy your Harry today at our oasis ukulele group here in California. Harry entertained us with his version of Hotel California. You are all welcome to visit us when you are in the states. Nice to hear someone who knows how to speak real English!

  8. how much would you have to know to join these sessions, just bought my ukulele but wondering what basics i should know before i come along?

  9. Tobbes ukulele orchestra, comes to London 13 May and would like to visit you. We come from Sundsvall (Sweden). We are the largest Ukulele Orchestra with 70 people. During the visit we will be about 55 people!
    How many people held on the premises? Can we visit you this day?

    Best regards

    Torbjörn “Tobbe” Jonsson

    Do send replies to e-mail.


  10. I’m going to be in London, April 21-25 staying at the Tara Copthorne hotel and I would like to join in in a meetup. I won’t be bringing my uke with me and would like to borrow one so that I could join in the playing. Help, please.

  11. I was browsing the web for ukulele group and found a perfect one. ukelele playing in a pub with a lovely group sounds great fun. I have just requested to join on your Facebook at the the Royal George group. Looking forward strumming and Jamming with you guys!

  12. Hi, Do you allow me to import your concept to The Netherlands?
    I would like to grab some people to play Ukulele in a bar in Delft, once a week. Mentioning your website and using your songbook – which I found very easy to understand and with a menu for all tastes – would facilitate.
    Let me know if you are ok with it.
    Qui ça one day (a Wednesday, of course) we can have an international jam session, via skype :-)Thanks!

  13. wow! this is an amazing resource, unfortunately I am not close enough to you ti join this group, I have downloaded the song book (2013) where do i find updates? thank you very much!

  14. Hi strummers

    Just a line from the Alderney Strummers who meet, guess when, on a Wednesday! Regret that getting to the mainland for one of your sessions isn’t possible. But I would appreciate copies of your songs for our group to use as they are on our format.

    Thanks and best wishes


  15. Met a guy on a plane who told me about the group. All looks like good fun and when back in the UK l can visit and hide my lack of talent amongst l will try and get along one evening
    l have downloaded the songbook. However l play Baritone Uke being a fat fingered strummer not at plucker.
    Can you tell me if there is an easy way to transpose the Chords for a Baritone Uke or a suitable site that might help
    Thank you for any assistance and happy new year to you all


  16. Hi,
    My family and I will come to visit London on february and I discover your group on the web. I’m a beginner in ukulele playing and I wish to know if I could come with my kids to a event at the albany.
    Thanks a lot for your songbook, i enjoy it so much.

  17. Hi. Am interested in what you do but as I live in Coventry, do you know of similar my way. Am very new to Ukulele and not yet ready to Jam with others, nerves.

  18. Hello! I live in the USA and your songbook is my absolute favorite resource for playing the ukelele. I just started 3 months ago. I wish I could come to Ukelele Wednesdays! Thank you for sharing the songbook. I was curious about your version of Riptide. I learned a version that is Am, G, C (and an F in the bridge) and it’s a lot easier to play. Just thought I would share in case it was helpful. Thank you again for sharing all of the wonderful songs!!

  19. Hi
    I have a fabulous function room
    With big screen, huge sofas
    Perfect acoustics
    I used to have the lion in Stokey
    Loved the uke jams there
    Worth a thought!

  20. Hi there 🙂
    I run the creative events at the newly refurbished Montague Arms in Peckham, London; Well known for its famous gig-nights!
    We have a lovely large space with plenty of opportunity. It would be great to collaborate and have your wonderful ukulele club host some evenings here!
    We have upcoming slots over the next few weeks! If you’re interested would be cool to chat further.
    Looking forward to hearing back from you.

    • Hi Abigail,
      I’m sorry it has taken so long to respond. I see that the Montague Arms is now closed, so we missed the chance to play with you. We almost always play at our two venues at Tamesis Dock, Vauxhall, and the Royal George, Soho, but there are occasions when they get booked out for private parties. In those instances, we would love to try a different venue – let us know if you are still running creative events and perhaps we can set something up.

  21. I wonder if you could please add the ukulele chords to Budapest (Ezra George) and If It Hadn’t been for Love (Chris Stapleton/Adele)? Thanks, Marsha

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